WORKOUT Name - "fast and the frantic"


Team Relay 

9 Shuttle Runs 

27 T2B *

81 Double Unders **

9 Bar MU ***


Time cap: 20 minutes

* T2B Divisional Requirements

   Intermediate / Teens / Masters 35-44 / Masters 45+ : 18 T2B

   Scaled : 27 Hanging Knee Raises 

** Double Under Divisional Requirements

     Intermediate / Teens / Masters 35-44 :  64 Double Unders

     Masters 45 + : 45 Double Unders 

     Scaled : 81 Single Skips 

*** Bar MU Divisional Requirements

       Intermediate / Teens / Masters 35-44 : 6 BMU ( Substitution 2x1 Burpee C2B)

      Scaled : 18 Jumping Pull Ups

      Masters 45 + : 9 Burpee Pull Ups


This event is a team relay. At the call of “3,2,1 Go” the first team member will commence the workout. They will complete 9 shuttle runs, beginning at the start mat and finishing at the pull-up rig. After 9 lengths are completed, the athlete will complete 27 Toes-to-Bar. The athlete will then pick up their rope and complete 81 Double Unders. Following their double unders, the athlete will return to the pull-up rig and complete 9 Bar Muscle Ups. The athlete will then run back down the floor and tag the next team mate. This will be repeated by athletes 2, 3 & 4. The event ends once the 4th athlete has completed the workout and returned to the start mat. 


This event has a time cap of 20 minutes. 


Shuttle Run

The shuttle run will start from the start mat. Athletes will run down the floor towards the pull-up rig and around a marker, this is the completion of 1 length. Athletes will then return back to a marker placed in front of their start mat. This is 2 lengths. Athletes will complete 9 lengths in total, finishing down at the pull-up rig. 



Each rep of T2B  will start with the athlete in a full hang with the heels breaking the line of the pull-up bar. The athlete must then touch their toes to the bar. Both feet must be inside the width of the athletes hands and touch the bar at the same time for the rep to count. Athletes must clearly bring their heels back behind the line of the pull-up bar at the bottom of each rep. 


Double Unders

For each rep to count, the athlete must clearly pass the rope under their feet twice in a single jump. Each athlete may bring their own rope onto the floor for this event. 

Jumping Pull Ups

For the jumping pull-up, the bar should be at least six inches above the top of the athlete’s head when the athlete is standing tall. The athlete may need to use plates or other stable platforms to decrease the distance between the top of the head and the bar. At the bottom of the movement, the athlete must lower their body, so the arms are fully extended. The rep is credited when the chin breaks the horizontal plane of the bar. Athletes may wrap tape around the pull-up bar or wear hand protection (gymnastics-style grips, gloves, etc.), but they may not tape the bar and wear hand protection.


Bar Muscle Up

Each rep of bar muscle up must start in a dead hang position with the feet off of the floor and the arms completely straight under the bar. Credit will be given when the athlete is clearly in a supported position above the bar with the arms locked out and the shoulders slightly in front of the pull-up bar. Only the hands and no other body parts may assist the athlete in reaching the top position of each rep. Kipping is permitted, but athletes may not allow their feet to rise above the pull-up bar in the middle of the rep. This will be deemed a no rep.