WORKOUT Name - "choppy waters"


Indian File: 

20 Cal Row

20 Box Jump Overs (24/20”) *

20 Snatches (50/35kg) **


Time cap: 9 minutes

*Scaled only- Box Jump Over or Box Step Overs 


** Snatch Divisional Weights

     RX / Masters 35 - 44 : 50 / 35kg

     Intermediate / Teens  / Masters 45+ : 40 / 27.5kg 

     Scaled : 30 / 20kg 


This event is an Indian file workout. At the call of “3, 2, 1 Go”, one team member will run forward from the start mat and start their row. Both males and females will complete 20 calories on the rower in this workout. Once the first team member has completed 20 calories, they will hop off and advance forward to their box jump overs. At this point, the second team member can then advance from the start mat and commence their 20 cal row. 


Team members will need to adjust the box to their required height before commencing their reps. At the completion of 20 reps, the athlete can then progress forward to the snatches. Once the box is clear, the next athlete may progress forward and begin their box jump overs. 


At the completion of 20 snatches, the first team member must then run through to the finish mat. Once the barbell is clear, athlete 2 can begin their snatches. Athletes 3 and 4 will follow in the same fashion. 


This workout has a time cap of 9 minutes.



This is a 20 calorie row for all team members (both male and female). All team members will begin at the start mat and advance forward to the rower. Athletes may adjust their foot position and damper setting as they wish. The screen must be reset to 0 calories for each team member. This can be completed by either the team member hopping off the rower or the team member hopping on the rower. The athlete must stay on their seat, with their feet strapped in until 20 calories appears on the screen. At this point, the athlete may advance to the box. 


Box Jump Over 

Athletes must adjust the box to their required height. Each athlete will perform 20 reps. Each rep must start with a two foot take off. Athletes can then get to the other side of the box in any fashion they see fit. Athletes do not need to land on the box, and athletes do not need to open their hips for the rep to count. Athletes must stay within the diameter of the box when jumping and athletes can only touch the box with their feet for the rep to count. If any other body part touches the box, this will be deemed a no rep. 



This is a barbell snatch. Each rep must start on the floor and finish locked out overhead with the athlete standing tall. The barbell may only travel in an upward motion from the floor to overhead for the rep to count. If the barbell travels in a downward direction (eg.hang snatch) or pauses on the shoulder (eg. clean & jerk), the rep will not count. Any style of snatch is acceptable: muscle snatch, power snatch, squat snatch or split snatch. The athlete may drop the barbell from overhead once they have been given credit for the rep by their judge. At the completion of 20 reps, the athlete will step over their barbell and advance to the finish mat. If the athlete drops the barbell behind their head and advances to the finish mat, this will be deemed a no rep and the athlete will be called back to complete their final rep again.