Synchro Thruster (45/30kg)*

Synchro Bar Facing Burpee

Time cap: 8 minutes

* Synchro Thruster Divisional Weights

   RX / Masters 35 - 44 : 45 / 30kg

   Intermediate / Teens  / Masters 45+ : 30 / 20kg 

   Scaled : 20 / 15kg 


This workout is a 4 person synchronised workout. All reps must be completed by all team members at the same time. 


Each team will have two barbells and 2 pairs of dumbbells. (Scaled will have 2 x 10kg DB and 1 x 15kg DB, Female will use 1 x 15kg DB and perform a 2 handed DB Thruster)


At the call of “3,2,1 Go”, teams will move forward to the barbells and dumbbells. One male and female will pick up a barbell each and the other male and female will pick up a pair of dumbbells each. The team will then perform 21 synchronised thrusters. Athletes can switch between the barbells and dumbbells as little or often as they like. 


At the completion of 21 thrusters, teams will move their dumbbells to the side and form a line on one side of the two barbells. As a team of 4, the team will perform 21 synchronised bar facing burpees. 


Teams will then pick up their barbells and dumbbells and perform 15 thrusters, followed by 15 bar facing burpees, and then 9 and 9.


This workout has a time cap of 9 minutes. 



This is a synchronised thruster with all 4 team members. Two team members will perform thrusters with a barbell and the other two team members will perform thrusters with a pair of dumbbells. Each rep requires all team members to perform the standards of the movement simultaneously. Athletes will need to synchronise at 2 points during the movement. All 4 athletes must be in the bottom of the squat at the same time, with their hip crease clearly below their knees. All 4 athletes must then stand tall with the dumbbells/barbells locked out overhead for the rep to count. Failure to hit both of these points simultaneously will result in a no rep. 


Bar Facing Burpee

This is a synchronised bar facing burpee with all 4 team members. Team members will jump over the two barbells being used in the workout. There is one point of synchronisation in this movement: all athletes must have their chests on the ground at the same time before jumping up and over the barbells. Athletes can get up and down off the ground however they choose. The athletes do not need to jump over the barbell at the same time, but all 4 athletes do need to perform the correct standard of a bar facing burpee. This means that each of the athletes must successfully jump and land with two feet when jumping over the barbell. If one athlete fails to do this (eg. hops/skips over the barbell), then this will be deemed a no rep. In the event of a no rep, the entire repetition must be completed again (starting on the ground).