what you need to know


Each team receives entry for all 4 athletes competing. 


Team’s must consist of 4 team members (2 males & 2 females). Exceptions may be made for all female gyms and in the instance of injury at the sole discretion of Allstars.


All Team Members must train in the same Affiliate/Functional Fitness Gym.


It is important that the correct information is entered when registering. Please have pride in your affiliate and include your box name.

Have pride in your Affiliate by including your Affiliate/Functional Fitness Gym name within your Team name.


This is a National competition and people across Australia check the scoreboard.


You can change team members up to the day of an event as well as between your qualifier event and the final to enable your team to be established based on fitness and availability.

All replacement team members MUST fill in a waiver before taking to the competition floor.


The Allstar Affiliate Series is open to all athletes catering from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Athletes.

Allstars has an Open Division consisting of Affiliate/Functional Fitness Gym's (this split's into RXD, Intermediate and Scaled after day one of competition), Non-Affiliate teams, Teen, Masters (35-44) and Masters (45+) divisions. ​

All workouts can be scaled, and we would encourage all athletes to participate and have fun regardless of their lifting ability.


There is a no refund policy in effect. If there are any queries please contact info@allstaralliance.com.au



North Queensland - Crossfit Townsville - 10 Parkside Drive, Condon Queensland 4815

South Australia - CrossFit Esplanade - Unit 5, 16 Farrow Circuit, Seaford South Australia 5169

Western Australia - CrossFit Access - Unit 3, 19 Innovation Circuit, Wangara Western Australia 6065

Northern Territory - CrossFit Abode - 12 Swan Crescent, Winnellie NT 0820

Tasmania - CrossFit Agema - 323 Wellington Street, Launceston TAS 7249

2nd - 3rd JULY –  ACT - CrossFit SFS - 43 Sheppard Street, Hume Australian Capital Territory 2620

29th - 31st JULY - VIC TEAMS Qualifier - Albert Park - Pitt Building -  Aughtie Drive, Albert Park Victoria 3206

2nd - 3rd JULY –  ACT - CrossFit SFS - 43 Sheppard Street, Hume Australian Capital Territory 2620

26th - 28th August - QLD TEAMS Qualifier - Morayfield Sports and event Centre - 298 Morayfield Road, Morayfield Queensland 4506

17th - 18th September - NSW TEAMS Qualifier - NEW VENUE - Sydney Olympic Park - 9 Australia Avenue, Sydney 



Every team registered for the 2022 Allstar Qualifiers will be asked to provide 2 judges.

These judges may be athletes from your team or volunteers from your affiliate.

Each team will need their judges present as required by the schedule that will be confirmed on the Wednesday prior to competition

Judges will only be required for one heat per workout per day and these judges may be rotated around your team.

Judges will need to assemble along with the teams competing in that heat 10 mins prior to the heat start. Judges must attend the Judges briefing held by the Judge Co-ordinator held directly proceed there allocated judging time. 

In the event that a team does not provide 2 judges for their allocated heat and/or fails to attend the judge briefing they will be deducted points from the leader board.


The Allstar Alliance Invitational's are a community event and we hope that all competitors embrace this judging policy and should anyone have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please be aware of the following if considering being a volunteer:

  • If you volunteer for the weekend you are committing to Allstars for the weekend, not just a heat/event/wave or until something else comes up, you must be available the entire weekend (this does not mean you will be judging the entire time though).

  • Judges will have access to movement standards and judging criteria and will also be briefed on their responsibilities at the event. Judges will be required to judge in certain heats during the weekend.

  • All enquiries regarding judging please forward emails to info@allstaralliance.com.au


It is mandatory that all judges are in attendance for the Judge briefing held 10-15 minutes before each of their scheduled judging time, failure to do so may result in a penalty for your team.


Workouts, movement standards and judging standards will be released before the event.

The movement standards must be understood by all team members and judges.

Failure to meet these required standards may result in a penalty for your team.

The athlete briefing on event day will include minimal information on movement standards and it is up to the individual to ensure they are fully conversant with all standards. Failure to do so may result in ‘no reps’ called by the judges due to a lack of understanding of these movement standards.

Questions can be asked at the athlete/judges’ brief.


It is up to each judge and athlete to understand the scoring system for this competition, which will be discussed at each briefing. All workouts are either; for time, load, distance or reps.

If you have any questions regarding scoring of this competition please direct your questions to info@allstaralliance.com.au



Registration for your wave and Heat times will be released on the Allstar Alliance Team Series Facebook page. Registration will be released on the Wednesday prior to your event.


The Allstar Alliance Team Series is open to all levels of athletes ranging from Teens to Masters with the past 7 series seeing competitors ranging from beginner level athletes through to Advanced athletes.


DAY ONE - Events will run in two waves and will act as a qualifying event for day two of competition.


DAY TWO - Allstar Alliance will determine which wave a team will be in, based on scores and movements after day one. Day two will consist of all teams competing in either RXD, Intermediate, Scaled, Non-Affiliate, Teens and Masters divisions (Masters 35-44 or  45+).


The athlete briefing will be held before each wave on both days on competition, it is mandatory that all athletes are in attendance for the briefing, failure to do so may result in a penalty for your team.


Spectator entry is $5 per day to ensure we have the highest quality arenas for our events!


The Allstar Alliance Invitational's are designed to allow Affiliate and Non-Affiliates to field its very best members in a team. The qualifier events allow beginners, teens, masters through to advanced athletes to compete side by side. The very best Advanced, Masters, Scaled, Teens and Intermediate teams qualify for the final.


The final is designed to select the affiliates who can field the best 4-person team, showcasing their talent and coaching abilities.


It is up to each judge and athlete to read and understand all competition rules, if you have any questions regarding rules of the competition please direct your questions to info@allstaralliance.com.au

  • Athletes MUST complete and return waiver by cut-off date or the team will NOT be able to compete.

  • Athletes and judges must watch and fully understand the Movement Standards video, or penalties may apply.

  • Athletes and judges must attend ALL briefs or penalties may apply.

  • Judges must be ready to go in judges marshaling area no later than 10 minutes prior to heat timing.

  • Athletes must be in the warm-up area no later than 10 minutes prior to heat and will be called to marshalling area from there.

  • Athletes will wait in marshaling area and receive a quick brief prior to moving out on to the floor.

  • Teams will wait until their name is called and must move to their designated lane.

  • Judges decisions are final and are not to be argued with. If there is an appeal, consult the Head Judge prior to leaving the floor, once you have left the floor, decisions are final. Arguing with a judge may result in disqualification, this is at the Head Judges discretion.

  • Team Captains must sign for their team score, once signed, the score is final.

  • If any athlete receives an injury whilst competing, the Head Judge must be notified immediately. If an athlete suffers any open wounds (such as torn hands), your judge must be notified at the completion of the workout and all equipment must be cleaned.

Final rule is have fun and be safe!