100 Double Unders 

30 Front Squats (80 / 50 kg)

50 C2B Pull ups 

30 Shoulder to overhead (80 / 50 kg) 

100 Double Unders 

Time cap: 13 minutes


Event 7 is the final workout of this competition. It is a chipper. 

Athletes will complete 100 double unders, followed by 30 Front Squats, followed by 50 C2B pull-ups, followed by 30 Shoulder to Overhead and finally, another 100 double unders (details in the Movement Standards section).

Athletes will start standing tall with their rope on the ground. Athletes may be standing inside their rope so that the handles are directly under their hands ready to be picked up. At the call of “Go”, the athlete will complete 100 double unders. At the completion of 100 double unders, athletes will complete 30 Front Squats, taken from the floor. A squat clean will constitute a rep. Every time you break the 30 reps, if you squat clean the barbell, this will constitute a rep.

 At the completion of 30 reps, athletes will move to the pull-up bar and complete 50 C2B pull-ups. Following this, the athlete will return to the barbell and complete 30 shoulder to overhead. Any style of shoulder to overhead is acceptable as long as the athlete finishes each rep standing tall with all joints locked out and the barbell overhead. 

At the completion of 30 reps, the athlete will return to their skipping rope and complete another 100 double unders to conclude the workout and competition. 

For all reps in this workout, the athlete must be facing the camera for the rep to count. Any reps completed with the back to the camera will be considered a no rep. 

This workout has a time cap of 13 minutes.



This is the standard double-under in which the rope passes under the feet twice for each jump. The rope must spin forward for the rep to count. Only successful jumps are counted, not attempts.


This is a standard front squat.   At the bottom of the squat, the crease of the hips must pass below the height of the knee cap. The barbell must be held in the front rack position with the barbell in contact with the shoulders. At the top, the hips and knees must be fully extended. Racks are not permitted. 


This is a standard chest-to-bar pull-up. Dead hang, kipping or butterfly pull-ups are allowed as long as all the requirements are met. The arms must be fully extended at the bottom, with the athlete’s feet off the ground. The rep is credited when the chest clearly comes into contact with the bar below the collarbone. Athletes may wrap tape around the pull-up bar or wear hand protection (gymnastics-style grips, gloves, etc.), but they may not tape the bar and wear hand protection.


For the Shoulder to overhead to count, the barbell will move from the shoulders to the overhead position with the knees, hips and shoulders extended in one line. A shoulder press, push press, push jerk or split jerk may be used, as long as the elbow, shoulder, hips and knees are fully extended, and the bar finishes directly over the body with the feet in line. Using a rack is not permitted.