3 Rounds for Time

21 / 18 Cal Ski Erg

15 Dumbbell Step Overs (22.5 / 15 kg)

9 Sandbag over shoulder (150 / 100 lbs)

Time cap: 12 minutes


Event 6 is 3 rounds for time of 21/18 cal Ski Erg, 15 Dumbbell Box Step Overs and 9 Sandbag over Shoulder (details in the Movement Standards section). 

Athletes will start standing behind their Ski Erg with their hands behind their back. At the call of “Go”, athletes will complete 21/18 cals on the Ski Erg. Following this, the athlete will move to the box, pick up their dumbbells and perform 15 DB Box Step Overs. The dumbbells must start on the ground. If the athlete requires a rest in the middle of the step overs, athletes can not rest the Dumbbells on the box. They must return to the floor. Athletes are not required to extend their hips on top of the box. 

At the completion of 15 DB box step overs, the athlete will then move to the sandbag and complete 9 reps of sandbag over shoulder. For the rep to count, athletes must clearly extend their hips and knees. Athletes cannot throw the bag and duck under it. This will be considered a no rep. Athletes must also clearly roll the bag over their shoulder. If the bag rolls off the side of the shoulder and is not clearly passing over the top of the shoulder, this will also be considered a no rep. 

At the completion of 9 reps of sandbag over shoulder, the athlete will then return to the ski erg and commence round 2. 

This workout has a time cap of 12 minutes.



The monitor on the Ski Erg must be set to zero at the beginning of each round. The athlete may have assistance resetting the monitor. The athlete must stay at the Ski Erg until the monitor reads the correct calories.


The Dumbbell box step-overs begin with both feet on the ground and the dumbbell in the athletes hands, When stepping up and over, both feet must make contact with the top of the box. There is no requirement to stand tall while on top of the box. The rep is counted when both of the athletes feet touch the ground on the other side of the box.


The sandbag over shoulder starts with the sandbag on the floor, The sandbag must move from the ground over the either shoulder ensuring that hips and knees are fully extended as the sandbag moves over the shoulder. The rep is counted when the sandbag lands on the ground. A no rep will be given if the sandbag goes around the shoulder and not clearly over the shoulder.