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Workout One - Presented by Bullitfit Gear and  Programmed by SwanStrong.

Workout description 


AMRAP 6 minutes: 


2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc. 

Synchro Toes-to-Bar *

Synchro Dumbbell Thrusters 22.5kg/15kg**


Immediately into; 


4 minutes to find a 1rm Snatch 


This will be scored as 2 separate events. 

*Scaled - Synchro Hanging Knee Raises 

(Masters 45+ - Choice of TTB or Synch Hanging Knee Raises)


** Scaled / Masters 45+ and Teens - 15kg/10kg Dumbbell 




This is a 2 part workout. Set a 10 minute running clock for both parts. 


The workout will start with both athletes standing underneath the pull-up bar. At the call of “3, 2, 1, Go”, both athletes will jump up and perform 2 reps of synchronised Toes-to-Bar. After completing 2 reps, both athletes will move to their set of dumbbells and perform 2 reps of synchronised dumbbell thrusters. 


Both athletes will then move back to the pull-up bar and perform 4 synchronised T2B followed by 4 synchronised DB thrusters. Each round, the athletes will add an additional 2 reps to each movement, climbing as high as possible in 6 minutes. At the 6 minute mark, athletes will stop working. This is the conclusion of part A and this will be scored for total reps. 

The clock will continue to run as part B commences. For part B, both athletes will find a 1rm snatch in 4 minutes. Each athlete is allowed to have their own barbell for part B and these barbells can be pre-loaded with the athletes opening lift. Athletes may assist each other in loading their barbells. The score for part B will be the sum of the heaviest successful lifts of both athletes. 


Movement Standards



This is a synchronised Toes-to-Bar. Each rep will require that both team members are performing the standards of the movement simultaneously. Each rep will start with both athletes in a full hang with the heels breaking the line of the pull-up bar. Both athletes must touch their toes to the bar at the same time. Both feet must be inside the width of the athletes hands for the rep to count. There is no standard for synchronising the bottom of each rep, but both athletes must clearly bring their heels back behind the line of the pull-up bar at the bottom of each rep. 


Dumbbell Thrusters

This is a synchronised Dumbbell Thruster. Each rep requires both team members to perform the standards of the movement simultaneously. Athletes will need to synchronise at 2 points during the movement. Both athletes must be in the bottom of the squat at the same time, with their hip crease clearly below their knees. Both athletes must then stand tall with the dumbbells locked out overhead for the rep to count. Failure to hit both of these points simultaneously will result in a no rep. 


The Snatch is a separately scored event for total load. It is not a synchronised event. Both athletes may have their own barbell. Athletes have 4 minutes to establish their heaviest snatch. The barbell may be pre loaded with your opening attempt. Athletes may help to load each other’s barbells. Collars must be on for the rep to count. Any style of snatch is permitted: muscle snatch, power snatch, squat snatch, split snatch. A clean & jerk is not permitted. Reps after the time cap will not count, you must complete the lift in full before time elapses. Your score will be the sum of both athlete’s heaviest successful lifts.