what you need to know


Each Pair receives entry for both athletes. Pairs can consist of Male/Male, Male/Female or Female/Female Pairs. 


Pairs can be from any Affiliate/Functional Fitness Gym but must complete the workout together.

You have the opportunity to compete in one, two or all three weeks of the competition and sponsor gifts are up for grabs for the winners each week and for the entire competition.


It is important that the correct information is entered when registering. Please have pride in your Affiliate/Functional Fitness Gym and include this in your Team Name. This also helps others know whom they are competing with. This is a National competition and people all across Australia check the scoreboard. Your Affiliate/Functional Fitness Gym name is important and should be respected.


The Allstar Affiliate Series is open to all athletes catering from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Athletes.

In 2022 the five categories are Teens (14-18), Scaled (19-34), Open (19-34), Masters (35-44) and Masters (45+). 


There is a no refund policy in effect. If there are any queries please contact info@allstaralliance.com.au.


Videos MUST be included in your score submission to be eligible to place.  Any invalid videos will be deleted from the leader board.


Normal video submission rules apply as per the Crossfit Open or Crossfit Masters Online Qualifiers;

  • All videos must include the Athletes names (Team Name) and workout name

  • All video should be uncut and unedited in order to accurately display the performance.

  • A Clock or Timer, with a running workout time must be clearly visible throughout the workout.

  • If in use, the monitor of the rower should be clearly visible throughout the entire workout

  • If in use, the weight of the medicine ball and measure the height of the target must be provided before the workout.

  • Both athletes must always be fully in shot of the camera.

  • Video must be shot from an angle so all exercises can be clearly seen meeting the movement standards.

  • Weights of equipment must be displayed at the beginning of the Video

  • Videos shot with fish eye or similar lens will be rejected due to the visual distortion these lens can cause.



Workouts and movement standards are released on the Wednesday evening.

The movement standards must be understood by all athletes.

Failure to meet these required standards may result in a penalty for your team.


Judging will commence each week preceding the closure of each workout under the direction of the Allstar Judge Coordinator.  


Penalties can/will be given where workout standards have not been met and/or where video submissions have not been provided as requested.


Judging will be as follows;

  • Major Penalty = More than 5 No Reps = 15% Penalty

  • Minor Penalty = Less than 5 No Reps = reduction by number of no reps counted

  • Scored as Submitted   


Judging Decisions are final and at the full discretion of Allstars. If there are any queries please contact info@allstaralliance.com.au



It is up to each athlete to read and understand all competition rules, if you have any questions regarding rules of the competition please direct your questions to info@allstaralliance.com.au

  • The release of workouts will be done one week before submissions are required to give everyone plenty of time

  • Scoring will either be time, reps or weight.

  • Athletes must adhere to the video submission guidelines.

  • Judges decision is final and at the discretion of Allstars.

  • All workouts can be scaled but are designed to ensure the majority of people can complete the movements

  • Team members cannot change throughout the three events

  • Movements standards will be released via Facebook prior to the first event


Final rule is have fun and be safe!