'Out of the Box'

An initiative by AllStar Alliance is an online individual competition where athletes can represent their affiliate/gym against other individual athletes from all over Australia - from the comfort and safety of their own home.


From each $25 donation upon registration, Allstar Alliance will donate $15 directly to the individual's nominated gym - thereby helping your gym through what is going to be a very difficult period.


During sign up, individuals will need to nominate their gym name, contact number and State.  Allstar alliance will directly contact the gym owners and organise payment. 


The gym in each state with the highest number of individual registrations will also receive an additional bonus payment . 


Workouts will be designed to allow them to be completed from home with minimal equipment. 


‘Out of the Box’ competition will run over 4 weeks commencing on Sunday the 12th of April through to the 9th of May 2020.


There will be 5 workouts, 1 each week for 4 weeks and a 5th floating workout that all athletes have the entire month to complete. 


The weekly workouts will be released on a Sunday and the athletes have until midnight the following Saturday to complete the workout and submit their score and video where required. 


All workouts will be programmed by Brandon Swan - Swanstrong.


Jump on board, represent and be proud of your gym and help the community raise some much-needed money for all gyms in Australia.



The cost of registration is $25 with $15 donated directly to your nominated gym. The remaining $10 will be split between state bonus payments and prize money that goes directly to your affiliate. 


100% of registrations will go back to gym owners with members registered. 


The Allstar 'Out of the box' Competition is open to all athletes catering from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Athletes.


'Out of the box' will have three categories which are Open, Scaled & Masters 37+



All workouts will be programmed by SwanStrong - the home gym and affiliate program of Brandon Swan. Each workout will be written so that it can be completed with either a KettleBell, Dumbbell or Barbell. Rep schemes will be adjusted depending on which piece of equipment is being used.  For example, it may contain 21 Barbell Thrusters but contain 30 Single Arm Kettlebell Thrusters. Athletes will choose which version of the workout they will do based on the equipment they have available. 


Remember that this is a fun event designed to support your gym. Every effort will be made to ensure that the workouts will be fair to everyone. Athletes will all be scored on the same leaderboard, regardless of which equipment they choose to use. 


Athletes may choose to do one week of workouts with a Kettlebell and another with a Barbell if they have access to both pieces of equipment. 


Once again, we can’t stress enough that this is not about getting the fastest time, it’s about having fun, building some competition with your friends and most importantly, giving your gym some much-needed support in these uncertain times. 


There will be 4 workouts announced - 1 per week for the duration of the competition. In addition, 1 floater workout will be announced in week 1 and score submission will not close until the end of the competition. This workout can be logged and repeated multiple times across the 4-week span of the competition. Do it on week 1, then try it again and again until you have a time you are happy with, or you have pushed as hard as you can. 




  1 x 20kg Barbell and 20 kg of plates (40kg total)


  1 x 22.5kg Dumbbell 


  1 x 24kg Kettlebell


  1 x 15kg Barbell and 15kg of plates (30kg total)


  1 x 16kg Kettlebell


  1 x 15kg Dumbbell


  1 x 20kg Barbell and 10kg of Plates (30kg Total)


  1 x 16kg Kettlebell


  1 x 15kg Dumbbell


  1 x 15 kg Bar & 5kg of Plates (20kg total)


  1 x 12kg Kettlebell


  1 x 10kg Dumbbell

Athletes may choose to scale further if needed but they will rank below athletes who finish at prescribed weights.


Email workoutcoordinator@allstaralliance.com.au for additional options so you can still help your gym in this trying time. 


A leaderboard will be published after each week that will identify both the athlete and their affiliate.


PRIZEs (male & female)


  • Cash prize (For your Affiliate)

  • Free entry x 1 into Allstars individual Final

  • Free Entry x 1 team into Allstars Qualifier 

  • Allstars Pack

  • Swanstrong programming - 6/12 months



  • Cash prize (For your Affiliate)

  • Free Entry x 1 team into Allstars Qualifier 

  • Allstars Pack

  • Swanstrong programming - 6/12 months



  • Cash prize (For your Affiliate)

  • Free Entry x 1 team into Allstars Qualifier 

  • Allstars Pack

  • Swanstrong programming - 6/12 months




Each week with your video submission and social posts we would love to see you representing in your Gym's shirt. 


Be proud of your gym and show the CrossFit community where you train and call home. 



There is a no refund policy in effect. If there are any queries please contact info@allstaralliance.com.au



Videos MUST be included in your score submission to be eligible to podium and receive a cash prize for your affiliate.  


Normal video submission rules apply as per the Crossfit Open or Crossfit Masters Online Qualifiers;

  • All videos must include the Athletes names, gym name and workout name.

  • All videos must include the equipment and weight being used. 

  • All videos should be uncut and unedited in order to accurately display the performance.

  • A Clock or Timer, with a running workout time, must be clearly visible throughout the workout.

  • Athletes must always be fully in the shot of the camera.

  • The video must be shot from an angle so all exercises can be clearly seen meeting the movement standards.

  • If in use, weights of equipment must be displayed at the beginning of the video.

  • Videos shot with fisheye or similar lens will be rejected due to the visual distortion these lenses can cause.

  • http://help.competitioncorner.net/en/articles/1083267-how-do-i-submit-my-online-score



Workouts and movement standards are released on Sunday evening.


The movement standards must be understood by all athletes.



Judging will commence each week preceding the closure of each workout under the direction of the Allstar Judge Coordinator.  

Penalties can/will be given where workout standards have not been met and/or where video submissions have not been provided as requested.


Judging will be as follows;

  • Major Penalty = More than 5 No Reps = 15% Penalty

  • Minor Penalty = Less than 5 No Reps = reduction by number of no reps counted

  • Scored as Submitted   


Judging decisions are final and at the full discretion of Allstars. If there are any queries please contact info@allstaralliance.com.au


It is up to each athlete to read and understand all competition rules if you have any questions regarding rules of the competition please direct your questions to info@allstaralliance.com.au

  • Weekly workouts will be announced each Sunday by 9.00 am, athletes will have until the following Saturday before 11.59 pm to submit/upload their scores and video's. 

  • Weekly submissions received after the above cut off time's will not be accepted.

  • The floating workout will be announced in week 1 and athletes will have until the end of the competition to submit their score/video for this workout. 

  • Scoring will either be time, reps or weight.

  • Athletes must adhere to the video submission guidelines if they wish to compete for prize money for their affiliate.

  • Judges decision is final and at the discretion of Allstars.

  • All workouts can be scaled but are designed to ensure the majority of people can complete the movements

  • Movements standards will be released via Facebook prior to the first event


The final rule is to have fun and be safe!