online team Week 1 2020 - Wod 1 and 2

Video's and score's due by 11.59 pm Tuesday 1st December 2020



OPEN - AMRAP : 25mins

  24/18 Cal Row (same time)

  24 Deadlifts (100 / 70kg)

  12 Bar Muscle Ups 

MASTERS 35 - 44  - AMRAP : 25mins

  24/18 Cal Row (same time)

  24 Deadlifts ( 80 / 50kg)

  12 Chest to Bar Pull ups 

SCALED  - AMRAP : 25mins

  24/18 Cal Row (same time)

  24 Deadlifts ( 70 / 40kg)

  12 Burpee Bar Touch

MASTER 45+  - AMRAP : 25mins

  24/18 Cal Row (same time)

  24 Deadlifts ( 70 / 40kg)

  12 Burpee Bar Touch



This workout is an AMRAP (As many Reps as possible) style workout  with a time cap of 25 minutes.


The workout will be completed in M/F Pairs, each pair must stay together throughout the work.  


Athletes will stand behind the rower, At the call of “3,2,1 Go”, M/F pair 1 will perform the required Cal Row together (24 Cal for Male / 18 Cal for Female) Both athletes must remain seated on the rower until both athletes have completed the required Cals, once the M/F Pair 1 has completed the row they can move to the barbell and complete a combined 24 Deadlifts. After completing 24 Deadlifts M/F pair 1 will move to the rig and complete a combined set of 12 Bar Muscle Ups (C2B / Burpee Bar Touch). On the completion of the Bar Muscle Ups (C2B / Burpee Bar Touch) M/F pair 1 will tag M/F pair 2 who will complete the same workout. M/F Pairs will continue to swap until the 25minutes cap is reached. The teams score will be the combination of all reps completed within the 25min cap. 


* Athletes are NOT permitted to start seated on the rower

* For Deadlifts and Bar Muscle ups (C2B, Burpee Bar Touch) only one athlete may be working at a time. 

* M/F pairs must start each row together 

* There is NO minimum work requirement for either the Deadlifts or Bar Muscle ups (C2B, Burpee Bar Touch)

* Both athletes must tag the next M/F pair before they can start 



The monitor on the rower must be set to zero at the beginning of each row. The athlete may have assistance resetting the monitor. The athlete must stay seated on the rower until the monitor reads the correct calories.


This movement begins with the barbell on the ground. Hands must be outside the knees. Sumo deadlifts are not allowed. Arms must be straight throughout. No bouncing. The rep is credited when the hips and knees reach full extension and the head and shoulders are behind the bar. Two separate barbells may be used. Collars must be placed outside the plates.

Bar Muscle Up

The athlete must begin with or pass through a hang below the bar, with the arms fully extended and the feet off the ground. Kipping the muscle-up is acceptable, but pullovers, rolls to support and glide kips are not permitted. No portion of the foot may rise above the height of the bar during the kip. The rep is credited when the arms are fully locked out while the athlete is in the support position above the bar with the shoulders over or in front of the bar. Athletes must pass through some portion of a dip-to-lockout over the bar. Only the hands and no other part of the arm may touch the pull-up bar to assist the athlete in completing the rep. Once on top, the hands must stay in contact with the bar, and athletes must maintain support with their arms. Removing the hands and resting while on top of the bar is not allowed. Athletes may wrap tape around the pull-up bar or wear hand protection (gymnastics-style grips, gloves, etc.), but they may not tape the bar and wear hand protection.

Chest to Bar Pull Ups 

This is a standard chest-to-bar pull-up. Dead hang, kipping or butterfly chest to bar pull-ups are allowed as long as all the requirements are met. The arms must be fully extended at the bottom, with the athlete’s feet off the ground. The rep is credited when the chest clearly comes into contact with the bar below the collarbone. Athletes may wrap tape around the pull-up bar or wear hand protection (gymnastics-style grips, gloves, etc.), but they may not tape the bar and wear hand protection.

Burpee Bar Touch

Athletes may jump back or step back to reach the bottom position, chest and thighs must touch the ground. Stepping in or jumping in to the start position is permitted however the athlete must jump with both hands touching the pull up rig at the same time to complete the rep.  



10 mins

Team 1RM Squat Clean


Teams have 10 minutes to work up to a 1 RM Squat Clean

- 1 Male and 1 Female barbell only

- Each Athlete may have as many attempts as they wish 

- Only one athlete working at a time. 

- Score is the sum of each athletes maximum successful 1 RM squat clean

- Athletes must announce the attempted weight prior to lifting 

- All lifts must be completed within the 10 minute total team time. 



Squat Clean

The barbell begins on the ground. The athlete must pass through a full squat with hips below the knees. Receiving the barbell in the bottom of the squat is not required; a power clean or split clean followed by a front squat will be permitted, but a deadlift followed by a hang clean is not allowed. The rep is credited when the athlete’s hips and knees are fully extended, and the bar is resting on the shoulders with the elbows in front of the bar.