Judging will commence the week preceding the closure of championship under the direction of the Allstar Judge Coordinator.  


Penalties can/will be given where workout standards have not been met and/or where video submissions have not been provided as requested.


Judging will be as follows;

  • SCORE REJECTED = Score will be rejected if one or more of the following apply

    • No Video is provided as requested

    • Video provided does not meet video standards 

    • More than 20 no reps counted

  • MAJOR PENALTY= 15% Penalty

    • More than 5 No Reps however less then 20 No Reps counted

  • MINOR PENALTY = reduction by number of no reps counted

    • Less than 5 No Reps counted

  • NO PENALTY = Scored as Submitted   

  • UNCOMMON MOVEMENT = 15% Penalty / Score Rejection  (Any movement deemed uncommon, out of the ordinary or used to amend, shorten or change the accepted movement standard or range of motion including line of action of any event movement can and will be disallowed.)


Judging Decisions are final and at the full discretion of Allstars. If there are any queries please contact

Online Competition Rules

It is up to each Team to read and understand all competition rules, if you have any questions regarding rules of the competition please direct your questions to

  • Scoring will either be time, reps or weight.

  • Athletes must adhere to the video submission guidelines.

  • Judge’s decision is final and at the discretion of Allstars.

  • All workouts  designed to ensure the majority of people can complete the movements.

  • Team members cannot change throughout the event.

  • Movements standards will be released via website prior to the event.


Final rule is have fun and be safe!