2021 championship individual WORKOUT 4


For time:

15-12-9 C&J 

Bar Facing Burpee 


30 kg / 20 kg - Bar facing Burpees


50 kg / 30 kg - Bar facing Burpees


70 kg / 47.5 kg - Bar facing Burpees


Masters 35-44   
50 kg / 30 kg - Bar facing Burpees


Master 45       
30 kg / 20 kg - Bar facing Burpees


At the call of “3,2,1 Go” the athlete will commence to perform 15 Clean and Jerks. At the completion of 15 reps, the athletes will perform 15 bar facing Burpee over bar. At the completion of 15 Bar facing Burpee over bar, the athlete will commence with 12 Clean and Jerk Followed by 12 Bar facing burpees followed by 9 Clean and Jerk followed by 9 Bar facing burpees. At the completion of the burpees the athlete will go to the finish line and record a time.


Clean and Jerk

This is a standard Clean and Jerk. The Movement begins with the barbell on the ground. The lift must have two distinct movements the clean and the Jerk. The barbell must make contact with the shoulders. It is NOT necessary to lock out the hips and legs to complete the clean before lifting the barbell overhead. The rep is credited when the athletes hips and knees reach full extension, and the when the barbell is locked out overhead, and arms, hips and legs are extended with the bar over or slightly behind the centre of the body with the feet in line. A press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk are all permitted as long as the finished position is achieved. 

Burpee over the Bar
This is a standard Bar Facing Burpee over the bar. The burpee must be performed facing to the Barbell. The athlete jumps or steps back to lie on the ground. The athlete’s must be facing the Barbell. The chest and thighs must touch the ground at the bottom. From this position, the athlete can step or jump to their feet. The athlete must jump over the Barbell using a two-foot take-off. Single-legged jumping or stepping over is not permitted (scaled divisions excluded). The athlete does not need to land with both feet at the same time. The rep is credited when both feet have touched the ground on the opposite side of the Barbell. Before starting the next rep, the athlete must be facing to the Barbell.