allstar showdown 

Allstar Alliance and Multi Vision Streaming Network (MVSN) have partnered to produce the 2020 Allstar Showdown, to be held on the weekend of the 20th, 21st, 22nd November. 


Allstar Alliance is an invitation only event bringing together the best athletes in Australia and New Zealand to compete over the course of a weekend for a massive prize pool in an exciting virtual competition where you can view all the action from home.


As the world has been forced into isolation, we have worked to bring athletes the opportunity to compete through a virtual broadcast. 


Athletes will compete from their own gyms, whilst going head to head with other elite individuals.  By partnering with MVSN, we can turn any gym in the country into a competition floor and bring an event to you that will satisfy the desire to watch high level competition that we are all missing. 


This is an exciting opportunity for both the athletes and AllStars and we are excited to bring this technology to functional fitness in Australia. 


Visit for more information and links to download the MVSN app from either the Google Play or Apple iOS app store now.


Over three days, athletes will take part in 7 events - programmed by Brandon Swan - to determine the 2020 Allstar Showdown Champion.  


Athletes will compete in heats, just as if they were in a live competition environment, where every second will count.  Cuts will be made throughout the weekend, ensuring that the final day’s action will feature the best of the best, vying for the top podium spot.  

the workouts

All workouts will be programmed by SwanStrong - the home gym and affiliate program of Brandon Swan.


Workouts will be designed to test the elite field of competitors, leaning heavily on the 10 years of high-level competition that Brandon has completed.  Expect classic CrossFit, simple but effective movements, with all workouts designed to provide a high level of entertainment as well as test the athletes effectively.


equipment requirements


Each athlete will require the following equipment to compete in the Allstar Showdown.

  • Concept2 Rower

  • Ski Erg

  • Air Assault Bike (Assault brand, no Echo, AirMill or other brand)

  • Pull-Up/Bar Muscle Up Bar

  • Barbell and Bumpers (25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 2.5, 1.25 set)

  • Plyo Box

  • Dumbbells – 22.5kg for Men, 15kg for Women

  • Skipping Rope

  • HSPU Wall

  • Sandbag - 150lb for Men, 100lb for Women (will require to be weighed prior to event)

the athletes/structure

This is an invitational event with the top 20 athletes from Australia & New Zealand - as determined by the 2020 CrossFit Games Open along with wildcard entrants, being invited to compete in the Allstar Showdown

event structure

The Allstar Showdown will consist of 20 male and female athletes from Australia & New Zealand, competing over three days.  Athletes will compete in heats of 5, broadcast live.  


Days & Times: 

  • Friday – 6pm-9pm 

  • Saturday – 1pm-4pm 

  • Sunday – 10am-1pm 


Starting with 20 Male and 20 Female athletes, cuts will be made throughout the weekend.  All athletes will be given 5 opportunities to score points, across 4 events, allowing us to provide a comprehensive test before we start to narrow the field.  


Friday - 2 events, 3 scoring opportunities

Saturday - 2 events (with cuts after event 4)

Sunday: 2 events (with cuts after event 5)

individual prize purse

A total prize purse of over AUD$15,000.

Prize money going to the top three overall Individual athletes in the Male and Female divisions in the 2020 Allstar Showdown.

Additionally the athletes will also have ability to earn $300.00 for each individual event win they secure. 

mvsn app



MVSN gives you access to the full and interactive coverage of this years Allstar Individual Showdown.  MVSN’s Multi-cast viewing platform, follow the athlete or event of your choice, or Enter TV-Mode to let our director guide your experience.  MVSN delivers an All Access Pass to the action. 


MVSN will bring together each individual stream to create a single, comprehensive live broadcast. 


The broadcast will kick off with an edition of the ‘Allstars Show’ featuring expert analysis from Jeremy Austin and Brandon Swan outlining the athletes competing, workouts and movement standards concluding with athlete interviews, scoring and leader board recaps and highlights of the competition.

Visit for more information or download the MVSN app from either the Google Play or Apple iOS app store now.