The Allstar 2022 Online Pairs competition is designed to allow pairs from all over Australia to compete against each other in multiple divisions. The Allstar 2022 Online Pairs competition enables Beginners, Teens, Masters through to Advanced athletes to compete against other affiliates/gyms throughout Australia. Pairs can be either Male / Male or Male / Female or Female / Female combinations.


Divisional winners will qualify for The Allstar Championship held in Brisbane (dates to be confirmed)

Cost $75.00 (Per Pair) 

pairs registration coming soon

the competition

Pair will be required to compete over three weeks.

Three Weeks:

Wk1 – 6th July 2022

Wk2 – 13th July 2022

Wk3 – 20th July 2022


The workouts will be completed at your affiliate/gym. Each week there will be 1 workout released to be completed within the week along with 1 floater workout to be completed within the 3 weeks of competition. Workouts will be released via Facebook/Website on the Wednesday. You will have a week to complete the workouts and submit your scores. 


Upon registration you will nominate which division you which to compete in.


The Allstar 2022 Online Pairs competition is open to all athletes catering from Teen, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Masters Athletes.


Allstar 2022 Online Pairs will consist of 6 Divisions and 3 Categories 


  • Open RX 

  • Open Intermediate

  • Open Beginner 

  • Masters 35 - 44

  • Master 45+

  • Teens 14 - 18


  • Male / Male

  • Female / Female 

  • Male / Female 

* Both Athletes must be eligible for the division which they are registered for.  

* Pairs must train in the same Affiliate/Functional Fitness Gym.


It is important that the correct information is entered when registering. Please have pride in your Affiliate/Functional Fitness Gym and include this in your Pair name. 


This also helps others know who they are competing with. This is a National competition and people all across Australia check the scoreboard. 


Your Affiliate/Functional Fitness Gym name is important and should be respected.



You can change team members up to the day of the online competition but once you commence the Allstar Online Pair Series you are required to keep the same Pair members for the duration of the Allstar Online Pair Series. 


Each workout will be released at the 9am on the Wednesday morning.


Workouts will be designed to test the field of the individuals.  Expect classic CrossFit, simple but effective movements, with all workouts designed to provide a high level of entertainment as well as test the athletes effectively. 



20kg Bar (Males)

15kg Bar (Females)

Weight Plates

1 x 1.25kg pair

1 x 2.5kg pair

1 x 5kg pair

1 x 10kg pair

1 x 15kg pair

1 x 20kg pair

1 x 25kg pair


Wall Balls (20lb Men / 14lb Female)

Boxes (24" Men / 20" Female)

Pull Up Rig 

Skipping ropes 

Dumbbells (depending on division) 22.5kg, 15kg, 10kg 

The workouts are a combination of individual and Synchronised workouts. 

General equipment list required


Workouts, movement standards and scorecards  will be released each Wednesday at 9am. Athletes will have until the following Tuesday 11.59pm to complete the workout and ensure scores and videos are uploaded for judging. 

Failure to meet the required standards may result in a penalty for your team.